Aqua centre

Regain your energy, refresh and discover new joys enjoying the amenities of the Aqua Center “Waterfall” within the “Merkur New”.

Have fun in the thermal mineral bath water at 28°C, aided by jets for underwater massage, Body-Jets, massage showers, a geyser, and a whirlpool. The Aqua Center also houses the teppidarium (warm stone benches), the Sauna Park and the Bar.

Our fitness center within the Merkur New shall provide to you relaxing, pleasure and help you be fit. The Merkur Gym is equipped with the state-of-the-art devices for the cardio programmes, treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, twisters, row machines, dynamic fitness gladiator, as well as devices for specialized programmes

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Additional services Extra charge

  • The Aqua centre – 7 days
    Merkur Novi
    RSD 3.500
  • The Aqua centre -daily
    Merkur Novi
    RSD 700
  • The Fitness centre
    Merkur Novi
    RSD 800
  • Wellnes centre
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    RSD 1.500
  • Spa Medical Form
    Thermal mineral bath building
    RSD 3.000
  • Face lifting
    Merkur New
    RSD 60.000
  • Partial massage
    Thermal mineral bath building
    RSD 1.100
  • All body massage
    Thermal mineral bath building
    RSD 2.400

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