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The packages based on the Merkur Medical Package (MMP) are available from 3 January – 30 April 2018. The prices involve 13% discount. In case you book promptly and pay full price thirty days prior to your arrival, you will get another 5% discount.
Whether you need a holiday and relaxation, or you love the Serbian national cuisine, art, entertainment, or you are just curios – you are invited to visit Vrnjci Spa, one of the most beautiful and most visited tourist destinations in Serbia.

The view of Vrnjci Spa panorama from Cajka Hill will take your breath and, as many have said, help you imagine the spa as it was between the two World Wars, when Vrnjci Spa was visited by more tourists than Dubrovnik and Bled together. The most famous sights of Vrnjci Spa are Thermal Mineral Bath, Roman Spring, Great Spa Park, Culture Temple, Love Bridge, Japanese Garden, Church of Holy Mother’s Nativity…Whatever season you choose, Vrnjci Spa is the destination to which you never come at a wrong time. Replace the cold everyday routine of stressful life with a warm holiday at the Merkur, in the pools with thermal mineral water which will have beneficial effects on your health and help you relax. The varied menu, including local specialties, will provide you with the energy to discover the attractions and beauties of Vrnjci Spa and the surroundings, and a friendly atmosphere and the staff hospitality will offer an unforgettable entertainment.

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Get an ADDITIONAL 5% discount to the already reduced prices!

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