The Spa Center

The Spa Center “Fons Romanus” combines wellness, spa and relax services, modern esthetic procedures and the healing effects of the waters from the local springs.

In order to provide to all the visitors to Vrnjci Spa the traditional Vrnjci Spa services, the Merkur has connected all its centers into one unit, and thus the building of the Thermal Mineral Bath has regained its function as it was in 1937. The Merkur was awarded the prestigious Balkan Spa Award in the category Best Medical Spa.

The first Wellness center in the Spas of Serbia, in a new wave! Merkur’s wellness center is an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Guests of Merkur and Vrnjacka Spa have at their disposal Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, IC sauna, steam bath, laconium, meditation. The Wellness center services are complete with completely new amenities: cold room, Goc source, Vrnjačka beach, salt cave.

Massage center „Lili“ is a modern center with a large number of attractive and very effective massages. Nourishing body and preserving beauty are effects that are imposed on their own, as well as regeneration of the skin and effective fight against cellulite. In addition to the massage, the center offers numerous treatments for the body, face, hand and leg, as well as a unique space – the Royal Bath.

Medical Aesthetics Center „Marijana“ is a combination of medicine, physical activity, relaxation and aesthetics, and is intended for anyone who wants to achieve aesthetic goals, to lose weight, to shape the body and relax. Four programs are available to guests, which are realized with the supervision of top experts: body weight balance, body transformation, anti-cellulite, relax.

The place where your health and well-being is in the first place, where qualified therapists use the latest spa techniques in healing mud treatments – peloids. Pool with thermomineral water, treatments, and more. The Peloid Center of Merkur Special Hospital reminds guests that it needs to supplement its energy, die its spirit and refresh the body.

Once reserved only for the royal family and representatives of the elite, unique treatments with thermomineral water from the source „Hot Water“ are available today to every guest of Merkur and Vrnjacka Spa. The center is located in the Bathroom building. It is attractive and well-designed, filled with good energy, which will be an additional benefit for all users.

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  • Tretman harmonija
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    din. 1.990
  • Limfna drenaža
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    din. 400
  • Masaža celog tela
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    din. 2.400
  • EMNG
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    din. 4.400
  • Korekcija kapaka
    Merkur Novi
    din. 54.000
  • Hormon štitne žlezde
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    din. 690
  • Korekcija ušiju
    Merkur Novi
    din. 60.000
  • Banjski list
    Zgrada termomineralnog kupatila
    din. 3.000

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