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Take care of your health with a natural factor and modern medicine

Vrnjci Spa is famous for healing mineral waters which have been applied in medicine for over seven decades.
The tradition of employing the natural factors, modern diagnostics and highly-specialized team,
make the Merkur a modern health institution for prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

topla voda

Diabetes, stomach diseases, physical medicine, ginecology

PHYSICAL MEDICINE: degenerative deseases (ossification of the cervical and lumbar spine, ossification of the hips – coxarthrosis, ossification of the knees – gonarthrosis, ossification of small joints – arthrosis). Conditions after surgery treatment of the bone-joint system (discus hernia surgery, implantation of an artificial hip and knee, conditions after operations for orthopedic diseases – except for malignant ones); Inflammatory rheumatism in a quiescent phase; Rheumatoid arthritis, Bechter’s disease, psoriatic arthritis, seronegative arthritis (in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease); Extra-articular rheumatism (tendinitis, myofibrositis, bursitis, periarthritis); Metabolic joint diseases in the resting phase of the disease-gout; Osteoporosis; Muscle diseases…

STOMACH DISEASES: Stomach and duodenal ulcer; Gastroesophageal reflux disease and other inflammatory diseases of the esophagus; gastric hernia – hiatus hernia; chronic gastritis and/or duodenitis; conditions after surgical interventions on the stomach, duodenum, colon and gallbladder; digestive disorders; inflammatory bowel diseases; functional bowel diseases; irritable bowel syndrome; fatty liver; inflammation of the gallbladder (without calculus)

DIABETES: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes.dystrophy, polymyositis); Deformations of the spinal column and peripheral joints (scoliosis, kyphosis, congenital hip dislocation); X and O knee deformations (genu valgus and varum), foot deformities; Post-traumatic conditions and conditions after operative treatment of trauma (bone fractures, ruptures of tendons and muscles, fractures of spinal vertebrae, dislocations and sprains of joints); Peripheral nerve damage (paresis and paralysis), Lumboischialgia, Conditions after peripheral nerve injury; Polyneuropathies in other diseases (diabetes, toxic damage (alcohol, poisons); congenital neuropathies, after surgery for compressive neuropathies (Carpal tunnel); Vascular diseases in stage I and II (diseases of artheries and veins – exept for acute symptoms of gangrene and thrombosis); Conditions after a stroke, Conditions after a surgical treatment of the brain and spinal cord – benign tumors; Aneurysms, syringomyelia, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis; Consequence of cerebral palsy.

GYNECOLOGY: male and female sterility, polycystic ovaries, heavy secretion, frequent inflammation of the ovaries, uterus, cervix; Accretions, Irregular bleedings, Irregular bowel movements; Conditions after radiation therapy (rinsing with teas); Post menopause and menopause; uncontrollable urination


The National Educational Centre for Diabetics

In 2008, the Merkur became the first national educational centre for diabetics taking the insulin therapy, and it is still the only institution of this type in this part of Europe. The programme is adapted and adjusted to each and every single patient, and within the programme the diabetics acquire knowledge and experience that can help them learn how to lead a quality life with their and how to go on with such healthy regime. The education programme includes:

  • diagnostics
  • therapy
  • proper diet
  • physical activity
  • education
Merkur-Vrnjacka-Banja-paket-medicina-usluge-medicinski-tim (1)

Modern diagnostics apparatuses, highly specialized medical team and state-of-the-art facilities

The Merkur Diagnostics Centre offers a range of services through the modern laboratory, state-of-the-art apparatuses and specialized medical team. The state-of-the-art equipment and fast providing of the results are some of the advantages of the diagnostics procedures provided by the Merkur. The diagnostics centre provides the following checkups:

  • Ultrasonic diagnostics
  • Computerized ergometry
  • Endoscopic diagnostics
  • EMNG examinations

The largest and most modernized Department for Physical Therapies in the region

Physical medicine is one of the major and best developed departments of the Merkur, with 5 physiatrists and 60 experienced and skilled physical therapists. Physical therapy employs various forms of physical energy (light, heat, electrical, magnet, mechanical…) aimed at prevention, healing and regaining of functions of the patients suffering from diseases and the injured (medical rehabilitation). Studies prove that hydrotherapy with unique mineral water of Vrnjci Spa, combined with other therapeutic methods and procedures, accelerates the recovery. The special Hospital Merkur offers to their patients the following services within physical therapy:

  • Thermotherapy
  • Tehar
  • Extensometer
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Kinesis therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • Mechanotherapy
  • Laser

Analyses without orders and appointments, quickly and at good prices

The Merkur laboratory with its modern apparatuses offers to visitors to Vrnjci Spa the possibility of having a wide range of analyses made, both standard analyses and specific ones, involving all areas of medicine. It is located in the building of the Thermal Mineral Bath in the central park of Vrnjci Spa. All necessary analyses and their interpretations are available without an order or appointment at the best prices. The results can be provided even within fifteen minutes, and the more demanding ones within an hour. The laboratory services are available not only to those staying at the Merkur, but also to the residents of Vrnjci Spa and the neighbouring places, who can get the results of all analyses quickly, efficiently and at good prices.

  • Cell count
  • O-GTT
  • Glycol hemoglobin HbA1C
  • Lipid status (HOL, TRIGL, HOL, LDL)
  • Thyroid gland hormones (T3, T4, fT4, StSH, TPO)
  • Urea, creatinine, creatinine clearance, ESBACH, AC cricum
  • Biohemijske analize
  • Urine

The modern facilities and expert team continuing the long tradition of providing medical services

The Department for Gastric Diseases, equipped with state-of-the-art apparatuses, with two specialists in gastroenterology and experienced medical workers, provides quality services. They provide the services of diagnosing (detecting), prevention and proper treatment of alimentary system disorders, applying healing mineral waters with proven beneficial effects to stomach and digestion disorders. Some disorders which are treated successfully involve:

  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
  • gastroesophageal reflux disorder and esophagitis
  • gastrocele – hiatus hernia
  • chronical gastritis and/or duodenitis
  • postoperative conditions following operations of upper digestive tract
  • indigestion
ginekologija-merkur-vrnjacka banja-termemerkur-medicina (1)

Gynecological treatments with mineral water

Merkur’s gynecology department has tradition, professional staff and modern equipment. It is located in the same building and connected to the laboratory, balneological clinic and balneo-center. Natural, painless and efficient use of nastural factor: mineral water (vaginal douching, enema, bathing in tubs) and mud (mud packing, velvet bed, vichy shower).
Usual patient problems:
• Female and male sterility
• Polycystical ovaries
• Increased secretion
• Frequent inflamation of the ovaries, uterus or cervix
• Accretions
• Irregular bleedings
• Irregular bowel movements
• Conditions after radiation therapy (rinsing with teas)
• Post-menopause and menopause
• Uncontrollable urination


Topla voda - Slatina - Jezero - Snežnik

Compositions and indication areas of these mineral waters:
Topla voda: (sodium-hydrocarbon acid homeotherm) PH value and temperature induce that this water can be used as auxiliary therapeutic tool in the treatment of the following diseases:
• Chronical gastritis, Ulcus dicease of primal non-bacterial origin, Rehabilitation state after hepatitis, conditions characterized by disturbances in motility and emptying of the gallbladder and bile ducts. Rehabilitation state after surgical interventions on the stomach and biliary-pancreatic system which are not caused by malignant diseases, Accelerated motility and evacuation of colon contents.

Slatina: (earth alkaline carbonic acid aterma) is recommended for people with a lack of appetite and anemia.

Jezero: (earth alkaline carbonic acid hypotherma) is used as auxiliary therapeutic tool in the treatment of the following diseases:
• Gastrointestinal diseases, Diseases of biliary tract, UTI, Diabetes mellitus, Anemia, Conjuctivitis.
Snežnik (earth alkaline carbonic acid aterma) is used in the treatment of following diseases:
Chronical gastritis with slow evacuation of contents, Conditions of hypomobility caused by surgical interventions at the level of the stomach and the billiard tract, slow evacuation of bile and pancreatic juices, slow evacuation of colon contents, Constipation, Dyspeptic manifestations, Diabetes mellitus as a continuation of hospital treatment regardless of type, age and accompanying manifestations (especially obesity) Gout, Prevention of these disorders.


The services available with extra payments
  • Admission into the Aqua Centre
    Merkur New, level - 1 RSD 1.000
  • Tecar apparatus
    Merkur New, Office of physical medicine number 141, first floor RSD 1.200
  • Extensometer
    Merkur New, Office of physical medicine number 141, first floor RSD 1.600
  • Osteodensitometry
    Merkur New, Office number 126, first floor RSD 3.500
  • Gastroenterologist’s checkup
    Merkur New, Office number 133, first floor RSD 2.600
  • EMNG
    The Building of Thermal Mineral Bath, Office 31, second floor RSD 5.000
  • Thyroid gland hormones
    The Building of Thermal Mineral Bath, laboratory, first floor RSD 800
  • Gynecologist’s checkup
    The Building of Thermal Mineral Bath, Office 26, second floor RSD 2.400


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The Merkur medical package

  • Full-Board, complete medical services in accordance with the patient’s health conditions and as recommended by the doctor.

    1/2 room – Merkur New

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Spa half-board

  • Take a break from the dull everyday routines and stress of modern living and replace them with everyday bathing in the Aqua Centre and the Wellness Centre.

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Fast diagnostics

  • Full-Board, a set of specialist medical checkups, one after another, in only five (5) days

    1/2 room – Merkur New

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Spa half-board

  • Take a break from the dull everyday routines and stress of modern living and replace them with everyday bathing in the Aqua Centre and the Wellness Centre.

    1/2 room – Merkur New

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