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Obesity treatment

Prices valid from 01.11.2023. till 29.2.2024.

Accommodation, meal plan, the scheme of obesity treatment along with implementation of apparatus procedures, tailored by the doctor, personal therapist


Reshape your body, reduce the sizes and retighten your skin under a doctor’s urveillance

Medicine, recreation, education and relaxing aimed at maintaining your good looks

Obesity treatment

It is provided in the Merkur Novi building (reception from Monday to Sunday until 11am).
The minimum length of stay for using the package is 7 days.

from 10.815,00 RSD

for accommodation in 1/2 room – Merkur New

cene važe od 01.11.2023. do 29.02.2024. godine

036 515 514 1  

The program includes:
Standard medical services
  • Admission examination by the attending physician (1st-2nd days of stay)
  • 1 x weekly (Wednesday) visit of the prescribing doctor
  • EKG (if needed)
  • On-call medical service 24 hours a day
Standard non-medical services
  • Food on the basis of full board
  • Daily entrance to the Aqua and Fitness Center

Daily activities (except Sundays) – Determined by the doctor, depending on the patient’s health condition:

  • Apparatus procedures: sonic shaper/cavitation, radio frequency, lymphatic drainage, vacuum massage, etc.
  • Diet according to an individual plan
  • Daily physical activity (walking with a recreationist, training with a personal trainer in a fitness center, swimming, etc.)
Services during the program
  • 1 x Nutrition specialist consultation (anthropometry, individual diet plan, individual plan of appliance procedures)
  • 1 x Laboratory services (blood count, cholesterol, triglycerides, creatinine, glycemia, urine and sedimentation)
  • 1 x Consultation with a recreationist (individual physical activity plan)
  • 2 x Zerona Green Laser

Additional services – (Determined by the doctor at the first examination, depending on the patient’s health condition):

  • 1x specialist or subspecialist consultation
  • Balneo-therapies: drinking mineral water, enemas, bathing in bathtubs, inhalations or vaginal spraying
  • Wellness-Spa: Hand massages, swimming in a pool with medicinal water, mud therapy, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath…

Milenijum PLUS
01.10.2023. do 29.02.2024. 11.400 10.815 11.545 12.600 12.960

Tables with complete prices in all rooms by season

Other services

Take advantage of your stay at the Merkur to enjoy, relax and recreate

The indoor pool

Swim in the reconstructed Aqua Centre and enjoy in the sauna and steam bath​.

Fitness Centre

Keep fit under surveillance of specialized staff and using state-of-the-art equipment.

Merkur TV

Watch the Merkur TV in your rooms at channel one.

Wi Fi

Share your photos and keep in touch with friends through the free Wi-Fi.


In order to get the best results from the OBESITY TREATMENT Programme, the patient needs to be calm and relaxed. Therefore, these programmes involve all the Merkur relax facilities: mineral water pools, saunas, peloid, massages and treatments. The unique treatments with mineral waters of Vrnjci Spa are an inevitable component of obesity treatment, all aimed at obtaining health, relaxing and body and face care.


Prices valid from 01.11.2023. till 29.2.2024.

Spa half-board

  • Take a break from the dull everyday routines and stress of modern living and replace them with everyday bathing in the Aqua Centre and the Wellness Centre.

    1/2 room – Merkur New

  • cena paketa  from 7.870,00 rsd
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Fast diagnostics

  • Full-Board, a set of specialist medical checkups, one after another, in only five (5) days

    1/2 room – Merkur New

  • cena paketa  Od 10.440,00 din.
More details

Living with diabetes

  • It is designed for the patients suffering from diabetes type 1 or type 2.

    1/2 room – Merkur New

  • cena paketa  From 8.000,00 RSD
More details

The Merkur medical package

  • Full-Board, complete medical services in accordance with the patient’s health conditions and as recommended by the doctor.

    1/2 room – Merkur New

  • cena paketa  From 7.100,00 RSD
More details

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