01.07. to 31.12.2021.

Accommodation, meal plan, the scheme of obesity treatment along with implementation of apparatus procedures, tailored by the doctor, personal therapist


Reshape your body, reduce the sizes and retighten your skin under a doctor’s urveillance

Medicine, recreation, education and relaxing aimed at maintaining your good looks

Obesity treatment

Programme is provided in all the Merkur facilities.
The minimum stay to take this package is seven (7) days.
The Package is provided through four different programmes:
  • Body weight balancing
  • Body reshape
  • Anticellulite programme
  • Relax programmes i
  • from 5.090,00 din

    for accommodation in ½ room – Merkur New

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    The Package involves as follows:

  • Developing tailored scheme of obesity treatment by the doctor
  • Developing a tailored meal plan by the nutritionist
  • Use of defined apparatuses within a tailored programme, such as sonic shaper (cavitation), radio frequency, lymph drainage…
  • Everyday tailored trainings and walks with a coach,
  • Wellness Centre, Peloid Centre and Aqua Centre
  • Usluge "ličnog terapeuta"
  • Consultative specialist and subspecialist checkups,recommended by the doctor
  • Additional services recommended by the doctor
  • Be slim and happy
  • Free yourself of problem with overweight
  • Unique prorogramme tailored for You
  • All day care of your personal therapist
  • ½
    from 1.04. to 30.04. 5.090 5.550 6.140 6.350
    from 1.05. to 30.06. 5.515 6.025 6.670 6.900
    from 1.07. to 30.10. 5.945 6.500 7.210 7.460
    from 1.11. to 31.12. 5.090 5.550 6.140 6.350

    Other services

    Take advantage of your stay at the Merkur to enjoy, relax and recreate

    The indoor pool

    Swim in the reconstructed Aqua Centre and enjoy in the sauna and steam bath​.

    Fitness Centre

    Keep fit under surveillance of specialized staff and using state-of-the-art equipment.

    Merkur TV

    Watch the Merkur TV in your rooms at channel one.

    Wi Fi

    Share your photos and keep in touch with friends through the free Wi-Fi.


    In order to get the best results from the OBESITY TREATMENT Programme, the patient needs to be calm and relaxed. Therefore, these programmes involve all the Merkur relax facilities: mineral water pools, saunas, peloid, massages and treatments. The unique treatments with mineral waters of Vrnjci Spa are an inevitable component of obesity treatment, all aimed at obtaining health, relaxing and body and face care.


    Prices valid from 01.11. till 31.12.2021.

    Fast diagnostics

    • Have your health checked through a series of specialist checkups which would take you months in your home town.
    • from 6.195,00 din.

    The Merkur Medical Package

    • Full-Board, complete medical services in accordance with the patient's health conditions and as recommended by the doctor.
    • From 4.195,00 din.

    Classical Half-Board

    • Half-Board, admission into the indoor pool and the Fitness Centre​.
    • From 3.565,00 din.

    SPA Haf-Board

    • Half-Board, massages, peloid treatment, admission into the Wellness Centre and the indoor pool.
    • From 4.575,00 din.
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