Having recovered from COVID-19, patients often suffer from its effects and they need rehabilitation to return to the normal life style and be able to function properly.


A tailored programme of rehabilitation and recovery
which helps recover from a wide range of post-covid physical symptoms

A number of people who have gone through COVID-19, afterwards face physical, cognitive and mental
problems, which causes their reduced performance in everyday activities
In order to help such people return to their normal life style, the Merkur has created a plan of providing specialized
, multidisciplinary post-COVID-19 care and rehabilitation​.

In addition to accommodation and meals, the plan comprises examination of the health condition,
including a multidisciplinary expert team, medical treatments and interventions.

For all the patients who had positive test results and were treated against corona virus. The patients recovering from COVID-19 have a variety of symptoms:

  • Chronic exhaustion, fatigue and muscle weakness,
  • Shortness of breath (dyspnea), cough and chest pain
  • Joint pain
  • Headache
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Gaining weight

REMARK: The programme IS NOT meant for the patients currently treated against COVID-19 or having symptoms of infection​.

  • The programme is designed to help patients recover as soon as possible and as safely as possible. Having gone through this programme, the patients feel the benefits such as:

    • Improved respiration
    • Envigored immunity
    • Improved peripheral circulation
    • Regulation of secondary diseases (diabetes, rheumatic diseases, obesity…)
    • Return to usual physical and sport activities

    During the programme, the patients are educated how to organize their life routines once they return home (diet, breathing exercises, kinesis therapy exercises, work-out, self-control of health condition…)

    • Clinical evaluation of the condition and designing a tailored programme,
    • Laboratory analyses and diagnostics,
    • Required examinations by specialists and sub-specialists (neurologist, cardiologis, pulmologist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, radiologist…)
    • Examination by a physiatrist, developing a rehabilitation plan and training programme,
    • Physical procedures based on the programme,
    • Education
    • Medical visits and 24/7 doctor-on-duty
    • Bathing in the Aqua centre with thermal mineral water, walking in the park and training in the Fitness Centre

    REMARK: The clinical evaluation of the patient’s condition is based on the patient’s current condition and case history. Therefore, patients are required to bring their medical records, reports, opinions, screening…

    Tretmani jedinstvenim lekovitim mineralnim blatom

    Peloid centar “Limus Romanus” je mesto gde kvalifikovani terapeuti koriste najnovije terapijske i spa tehnike u tretmanima lekovitim blatom – peloidom. Mineralno blato je jedinstveno jer se pravi na bazi lekovite mineralne vode i koristi se u terapijske i estetske svrhe. Bazen sa termomineralnom vodom I Vichy tuš u kombinaciji sa tretmanima blatom obezbeđuju vrhunsku negu i opuštanje.

    • Pakovanje peloidom
    • Parcijalno pakovanje
    • Velvet krevet
    • Vichy tuš

    Tradicionalni tretmani mineralnom vodom

    U Balneo centru vrše se tradicionalni tretmani mineralnom vodom Vrnjačke Banje: pijenje, inhaliranje, kupanje, klizme i orošavanje. Nekada su bili rezervisani samo za kraljevsku porodicu a danas su dostupni svim gostima i građanima Vrnjačke Banje kroz usluge Balneo centra.

    • Pijenje vode
    • Kupanje
    • Inhalacije
    • Vaginalno orošavanje
    • Klizme

    Post-COVID rehabilitation programmes


    The Merkur has two plans that provide patients with return to a normal life.
    The only difference is that HYPERBARIC Programme involves the services of the hyperbaric chamber
    which adds to the effects of medical services and cuts down on the recovery time.

    Post– COVID Rehabilitation -Full Board

    The Rehabilitation Programme helps recover from a wide range of symptoms after hospitalization and home treatment. Since the disease affects patients in different ways, the Merkur team designs a tailored treatment plan for each and every single patient.
    It is designed for the patients whose treatment from COVID-19 ended at least for weeks prior to joining this programme. The minimum period of stay is ten days, and admission is from Monday to Friday by 11.00 a.m.

    od 5.850,00 rsd/day

    in 1/2 Millennium rooms at the Merkur New accommodation facility, in March and April 2021. Contact us and get information on the prices in different types of rooms, accommodation facilities or periods.

    036 515 514 1  
    This package includes the services:

  • Medica examination + ECG
  • Taking O2 saturation
  • Laboratory services (CRP, cell count, sedimentation, cholesterol, triglycerides, creatinine, glycemia and urine).
  • Balneal therapies with mineral waters (drinking mineral waters and etheric oils inhalation)
  • - Specialist examination and consultation by a physiatrist (on the first day of stay) and designing a tailored plan of rehabilitation – kinesis therapy, based on the evaluation of the patient’s overall condition.
  • Kinesis therapy plan involves
  • (Tests on reception and prior to departure, o Relaxing workout, Breathing exercises, Aerobic workout ,Two physical procedures a day)
  • Ultrasonic heart examination
  • o Swimming in the Aqua Centre – mineral water pool or workout in the Fitness Centre (supervised by an expert)
  • Three (3) times a week visiting by the doctor+ 24/7 doctor-on-duty services
  • Accommodation + Ishrana na bazi punog pansiona
  • - Depending on the patient’s health conditions and medical indications, if recommended by the attending doctor, the package shall also involve:
  • - Additional laboratory analyses (AbA1c, glycemic profiles for diabetics, AST and ALT), - Examination and consultation with specialists and subspecialists (neurologist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, gastro-entero-hepatologist, pulmologist, gynecologist, radiologist, nutritionist, cardiologist, specialist in occupational medicine and in sports medicine).
  • Dodatno se doplaćuje:
  • Dijagnostičke usluge (Ostala dijagnostika ultrazvukom -Eho štitaste žlezde, Eho abdomena, kolor dopler krvnih sudova..., dodatne laboratorijske analize, endoskopska dijagnostika)
    EMNG pregledi, kompjuterizovana ergometrija i osteodezintometrija,
    Horizontalna terapija,
    Hiperbarična komora

    od 1.04. do 30.04 4.995 5.455 6.045 6.255
    od 1.05. do 30.06. 5.420 5.930 6.575 6.805
    od 1.07. do 30.10. 5.850 6.405 7.115 7.365
    od 1.11. do 31.12. 4.995 5.455 6.045 6.255

    Post– COVID HYPERBARIC rehabilitation – full board

    The HYPERBARIC rehabilitation programme, employing the hyperbaric medicine, helps patients recover SOONER and free from discomfort caused by COVID-19. This applies in particular to patients:

  • who suffered from a more serious form of COVID-19 with respiratory failure or respiratory arrest,
  • with polyneuropathic difficulties (leg pains, cramps, numbing…)
  • with claudication difficulties (leg pains, hobbling and numbness…)

    od 10.050,00 din/dan

    in 1/2 Millennium rooms at the Merkur New accommodation facility, in March and April 2021. Contact us and get information on the prices in different types of rooms, accommodation facilities or periods.

    036 515 514 1  
    It is designed for the patients whose treatment from COVID-19 ended at least for weeks prior to joining this programme. The Merkur team designs a tailored treatment plan for each and every single patient, in particular for diabetics. The minimum period of stay is fourteen days, and admission is from Monday to Friday by 11.00 a.m. This package includes the services:

  • sve usluge koje obuhvata Post-COVID rehabilitaciju-pansion (PCR PA)
  • Laboratorjiske usluge (D-dimer)
  • Konsultativni specijalistički pregled neurologa

  • Usluge hiperbarične medicine:
  • Konsultativni pregled specijaliste hiperbarične medicine
  • 10 usluga hiperbarične komore-osigenacija
  • 5 refleksnih masaža stopala sa akcentom na zonu respiratornih organa (u okviru Kinezi- terapijskog programa)

    U hiperbaričnoj komori ljudi se leče udisanjem čistog kiseonika pod pritiskom većim od atmosferskog, koji ide i do 2,8 bara, čime se do 20 puta povećava količina fizički rastvorenog kiseonika u krvnoj plazmi i omogućava njegovo brže dopremanje do oštećenih tkiva i ćelija:

  • Detoksikacija krvi (u celosti)
  • Jačanje imuniteta i opšte blagostanje tela
  • Povećanje memorije za 20% i fizičke sposobnosti za 35%
  • Povećanje snage, energije i izdržljivosti
  • Uklanjanje umora i poboljšanje sna
  • Poboljšanje opšteg zdravlja
  • Oslobađanje stresa i napetosti
  • Usporavanje starenja, zatezanje kože i vraćanje mladalačkog izgleda

    Other services

    Take advantage of your stay at the Merkur to enjoy, relax and recreate

    The indoor pool

    Swim in the reconstructed Aqua Centre and enjoy in the sauna and steam bath​.

    Fitness Centre

    Keep fit under surveillance of specialized staff and using state-of-the-art equipment.

    Merkur TV

    Watch the Merkur TV in your rooms at channel one.

    Wi Fi

    Share your photos and keep in touch with friends through the free Wi-Fi.


    During your stay at the Merkur, your health is the concern of forty doctors: specialists and sub-specialists. State-of-the-art diagnostics, the laboratory equipped to meet the most demanding standards, expertise of our specialists, and treatments with the mineral waters of Vrnjci Spa are the optimal combination of health care and holiday.

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