Regain energy and fresh looks, rejuvenate and get rid of stress!

The Spa Centre “Fons Romanus” is in the Thermal Mineral Bath Facility in the central park of Vrnjci Spa. It is the largest spa centre
in this part of the Balkans and comprises five centres: Wellness, Centre for Massages, Centre for Medical Esthetics, Peloid and Balneal Centres.
This Spa Centre puts together the traditional treatments with mineral water and state-of-the-art apparatuses and technologies. All treatments and programmes are carried out under the doctors’ surveillance, by which this Centre is different from any other.

An oasis of relaxing and water entertainments

The Merkur Wellness Centre “Fons Romanus” is the first wellness centre in the spas in Serbia utilizing mineral water. This centre offers a number of amenities intended for your enjoyment and relax: swimming in the indoor pool with mineral water and hydro massages, relaxing in the jacuzzi, lying on the Vrnjci beach and warm benches, detoxication in the Turkish and Finnish saunas, combined with cool chamber, meditation with music-therapy and water beds, relaxing of tired legs through walking in Knipe’s stream and other water attractions. At the entrance of the Wellness Centre every visitor gets a key to the locker for leaving the clothes: a bathrobe, a towel and slippers.

  • The pool with thermal mineral water
  • jacuzzi
  • Knipe’s stream
  • Hot benches – tepidariums
  • Finnish sauna
  • Turkish steam bath
  • Vrnjci beach
  • Meditation chamber

The power of trained physical therapists’ touch

The Centre for Massages “Lilly” is a state-of-the-art centre offering a range of massages, treatments for face and body care and beauty maintenance. The Centre also offers modern treatments for skin regeneration and cellulite burning, arms and legs treatments, and a unique area for relaxing of couples – the Royal Bath.

  • Relax massages
  • Anti-stress massages
  • Sports massages
  • Manicurist and pedicurist
  • Anticellulite treatments
  • Face treatments

The equipment made by world’s leading producers, medicine and nature united for your maintaining beauty

The Centre for Medical Esthetics is a combination of medicine, physical activities, education and relaxation, designed for the visitors who want to achieve esthetic goals, lose weight, reshape their body and erase the signs of aging through antiaging treatments. State-of-the-art apparatuses like Zerona green laser, cavitation, radio waves, lymph drainage, combined with treatments by mineral water under expert surveillance of our doctors provide superb results.

  • Zerona green laser
  • Cavitation
  • Radio waves
  • Lymph drainage

Treatments with unique healing mineral mud - peloid

The Peloid Centre “Limus Romanus“, the place where skilled therapists apply the latest therapeutic technology and spa techniques in treatments with mineral mud - peloid. Mineral mud is unique since it is based on mineral water and used for therapeutic and esthetic purposes. The indoor pool with thermal mineral water and Vichy shower combined with treatments by peloid provide superb care and relaxing.

  • Peloid package
  • Partial package
  • Velvet bed
  • Vichy shower

Traditional treatments with mineral water

The Balneal Centre provides traditional treatments with Vrnjci Spa mineral waters.: drinking, inhaling, bathing, clysts and douching. A long ago, reserved only for the royal family, these treatments are now available to all visitors and residents of Vrnjci Spa, through the services of the Balneal Centre.

  • Drinking of water
  • Bathing
  • Inhalations
  • Vaginal douching
  • Clysts


The services available at extra payment
  • Admission into the Wellness Centre
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Spa Centre “Fons Romanus” din. 1.500
  • Cavitation
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Centre for Medical Esthetics din. 2.400
  • Lymph drainage
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Centre for Medical Esthetics din. 400
  • Botox
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Centre for Medical Esthetics din. 25.000
  • Vaginal douching
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Balneal Centre din. 380
  • Clysts
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Balneal Centre din. 280
  • Mineral mud – peloid
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Peloid Centre din. 420
  • Zerona Green Laser
    The Thermal Mineral Bath Building, the Centre for Medical Esthetics din. 28.800


in the heart of Vrnjci Spa


Prices valid from 01.01. till 31.12.2020.

Fast diagnostics

  • Have your health checked through a series of specialist checkups which would take you months in your home town.

The Merkur Medical Package

  • Full-Board, complete medical services in accordance with the patient's health conditions and as recommended by the doctor.

Classical Half-Board

  • Half-Board, admission into the indoor pool and the Fitness Centre​.

SPA Haf-Board

  • Half-Board, massages, peloid treatment, admission into the Wellness Centre and the indoor pool.


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